Product manager – The One-man band?

 Being a product manager is in my opinion one of the toughest work in company because it needs from you not only wide knowledge about technical aspect of software development, UX/UI, statistics but also law, accounting and what’s more important dealing with people.


Why you need to know what git commit -m ‘My new cool feature’ and positive cash flow means when you are product manager?

 When you are building or managing a product especially on the beginning you need to connect all-stars you have – designers, developers, law, accounting and marketing. To do that you need to speak in their languages. That means that you need to know what git commit -m ‘My new cool feature’ means, how seo works, what content marketing is, what are design trends, why cash flow needs to be positive and in the end find time to build product you are responsible for. You need to understand all those difficult words to connect skills you have in your team and communicate vision and mission of the products. If you know how to speak all those languages you will be able to help each of your team member achieve their goals and deliver your product faster.

Product management is not only about building product and maintaining good communication with your clients, but also managing your team. You need to understand them, find their passion and give them opportunities to use their talents for creating great things. In the end you need to protect your team against outside problems and stand for them if something bad happens. Sometimes, having difficult conversation or two will help you in starting your team on the right path.

It’s all about people

If you find someone who understands all of those things – hire immediately! There aren’t many people with this skill set. When you find someone who you want to work with – give them all resource they need, don’t restrain and made him/her  proud of work they do. Those people will put more than their whole heart into accomplish challenge you give them.

PS. If you are a project manager, understanding business needs and technical aspects of development will only help you. I know many people who manage IT teams without strong IT background and I see how they struggle. I have the feeling that sometimes a little knowledge of some technology issues will help them to do their work better.

What do you think?

Image source: Automotto

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